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Q: I am not familiar with solid surfacing. What makes Dovaé different from laminates, granite, and the other solid surfacing brands?
Solid surfacing offers many benefits over laminate, tile and granite. Solid surface seams are inconspicuous, hygienic, and non-porous. This means it will not support the growth of bacteria and you can use integrated, seamless solid surface sinks and coved backsplashes for true design flexibility. Dovaé comes with a ten-year limited material warranty which is your guarantee of a surface that will provide enduring quality.

Q: How does Dovaé solid surface compare with Corian®?
Dovaé solid surface is virtually identical to Corian® solid surface in appearance and durability. A skilled solid surface fabricator can duplicate any desired look with Dovaé.

Q: How easy is it to keep clean?
Dovaé is engineered to provide a durable and beautiful surface that with minimal care will be the source of price for many years. Visit our care & maintenance section for complete instructions on how to care for your Dovaé installation.

Q: Will Dovaé stain?
Dovaé is a non-porous surface and engineered to resist stains. Spills that have dried can be removed with a common household cleanser. Consult the care & maintenance section for complete instructions.

Q: Is Dovaé easy to repair?
Yes! Dovaé is a renewable surface with the pattern running through the entire thickness of the product. Normal nicks and scratches can be easily sanded out of a top in a matte finish. For major damage, or where a gloss finish is involved, please contact a Dovaé fabricator for professional assistance.

Q: Can I cut directly on the surface?
While Dovaé is very durable, it can be marred or scratched with a sharp knife, like all solid surfaces. Always use a cutting board for all of your kitchen cutting chores. If any cuts or scratches do occur the finish can be easily renewed by following the instructions in our care & maintenance section.