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    1.1 Summary
    1. Section includes furnishing and installing Dovaé Solid Surface products, as indicated and as specified.
    2. Work specified in the Section:
      1. Kitchen countertops and sink bowls.
      2. Countertops, sinks, splashes, and shelves.
      3. Vanity tops and sink bowls.
      4. Shower/tub enclosures.
      5. Wainscot, wall panels, and windowsills.
      6. Installation of above items.
    3. Related Work:
      1. Supports for countertops and sinks.
      2. Plumbing and piping and trim.
      3. Cabinet and fixture work.

    1.2 Submittals
    1. Samples: If colors are indicated on drawings submit a 2" x 2" x 1/2" sample of each selected color. If colors are not indicated on drawings, submit manufacturer’s standard color book showing colors of actual material. Following selection of colors, submit samples as specified above.
    2. Shop Drawings: Fabricator shall provide detailed and dimensioned shop drawings showing all details of fabrication, edging, sink installation, and seams. Indicate fastener types and locations, sealant proposed for use, and fabrication details of support brackets.
    3. Manufacturer’s Instructions: Submit manufacturer’s fabrication/installation instructions.
    4. Upon completion, furnish the owner one set of manufacturer’s recommended cleaning procedures.

    1.3 Quality Assurance
    1. Where homogeneous plastic or solid polymer is indicated on drawings, the material shall be Dovaé solid surface manufactured by Chemcore Industries, Inc., PO Box 17155, Austin, TX 78760, 512-243-6823.B. Installer Qualifications: Installation of Dovaé solid surface shall be made by a firm that is accredited by Chemcore Industries, Inc. to fabricate and install Dovaé solid surface, and that can demonstrate successful experience in installing finish carpentry items similar in type and quality to those required for this project.

    1.4 Delivery, Storage, and Handling
    1. Transport and handle sheets and fabricated items by methods that will prevent damage and defacing.
    2. Storage: If units are not installed immediately upon delivery to site, store in covered location, flat on pallet.
    3. Fabrication and Installation of materials:
      1. Joint Adhesive: Type recommended by manufacturer in color to match Dovaé.
      2. Silicone Sealant: Type recommended by manufacturer.


    2.1 Material General  Dovaé solid surface shall be nonporous, homogeneous blend of acrylic/polyester alloys and fillers to create a material that looks like stone, but cuts like wood. The color and pattern shall extend throughout the material. The material shall be in 1/2" thickness as indicated, in one piece wherever possible.

    1. Dovaé solid surface shall be fabricated by an authorized Dovaé fabricator.
    2. Dovaé solid surface countertops shall be thickness as indicated, one piece wherever possible, and with flush joints sealed with joint adhesive where required. Use sheets with according batch numbers by manufacturer. Shop fabricate in largest sections possible for transporting and building access.C. Dovaé solid surface paneling and shower/tub enclosures shall be fabricated of 1/2" thick material unless otherwise indicated. Vertical seams in shower/tub enclosures and other wet areas shall be joined as detailed.
    3. Dovaé solid surface shall be fabricated to field measurements. Seams shall be located where shown on approved shop drawings. Provide solid surface seam plate under all seams where necessary in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.
    4. Edge detail shall be as selected by architect or designer.
    5. Backsplash height shall be according to detail provided.
    6. Backsplash shall be field installed, with tight, sealed joints.
    7. Coves shall be integrally molded coves at back and ends where against walls or other vertical surfaces, with 3/8" radius between top and splash.
    8. Finish of exposed surfaces, shall be (satin, gloss, or high-gloss) according to the methods prescribed by the manufacturer.
    9. Sinks shall be selected from manufacturer’s standard Pemberton Acrylic sink designs and colors, and shall be adhered according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
    10. Cutouts for sinks furnished by others shall be smooth and uniform by router.
    11. Recommended Substrates for Dovaé solid surface should be 1" plywood, straight grain hardwood or tubular steel. The most common used substrate is 1" plywood. Do not use particle board or MDF/HDF, due to water absorption and low flexural strength. Do not use full substrate under counters, especially near heat generating products. Full substrates can be used under certain conditions such as receptionist desk or specialty applications.2.3 Fabrication and InstallationThe fabrication and installation of all Dovaé solid surface detailed in this section shall be performed by an accredited fabrication shop in accordance with the manufacturer’s printed instructions and final shop drawings.


    3.1 Examination:   Verify that counters and supports are suitable for installation in accordance with shop drawings.

    3.2 Installation:
    1. Install tops in locations indicated, conforming to manufacturer’s recommended installation procedures.
    2. B. Use silicone sealant for attaching backsplashes and reveal edges. Seal all joints with sealant.
    3. C. Field joints shall be hard seamed unless otherwise indicated.

    3.3 Cleaning:  At completion of work remove all excess material, dirt, dust, trash, and other materials resulting from the installation. Clean surfaces of Dovaé solid surface, remove all labels, and leave the area clean.

    3.4 Protection:  Provide suitable protection on counters and other Dovaé solid surface surfaces to protect the installation from damage until final acceptance. Place temporary covers over solid surface sinks to preclude their use for construction purposes.