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Q: How hot of a pot can I put in the sink?
Thermal shock results from a dramatic change in temperature which can cause other solid surface sinks to crack. Pemberton, partly due to its fiberglass backing, should never crack because of thermal shock. Pemberton sinks can withstand temperatures up to 365°F. Generally pots and pans that have been boiling water for vegetables are okay to put in the sink. However, because it is always difficult to determine the temperature of a pot, it is always best to let any hot item cool before putting it in any sink. Or at the very least run water in the bowl when putting the pot in as this will cool the pot instantly.

Q: How hygienic are Pemberton sinks?   If I leave coffee residue or throw some unwanted food item into the sink will it stain if I don't wash it out immediately?
Never. Leave it overnight and due to the unique, nonporous nature of Pemberton sinks it will still be easy to rinse out.

Q:Will abrasive cleaners damage my Pemberton sink?  If I damage my sink can I repair it?
Most damage can be repaired. For minor scratches use a Scotch-Brite™ pad. For deeper scratches use a fine grit sandpaper. In most cases small chips can also be sanded out.

Q: Why does the sink have a composite backing?
This fiberglass composite backing gives the sink great strength and rigidity. It also aids in insulation and sound absorption.

Q: Can I fit a garbage disposal to the sink?
Yes. Any type of disposal will fit a Pemberton sink. Remember to use silicon or plumber's putty when installing your garbage disposal and strainers.

Q: Does the sink come with a template for the cut out?
No, it does not because the sink is used for the cutout. Simply invert the sink on the countertop in the desired location, trace a line around the outside, trace another line 1/2" inside of this line and then, using a jig saw, cut along this inner line.

Q: Are the sinks certified in the United States?
Yes. All Pemberton sinks have the IAPMO (UPC) mark and have been tested according to ANSI Z124.6-1995.Are the sinks also certified in Canada?Yes. All Pemberton sinks sold in Canada have CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certification.